Welcome to the Lockology family! We have over 30 products made specifically for locs.  As a locked family for over 42 years, we are proud to see how far locs have come to be an accepted part of our culture. 

Our portfolio of products are rich with heritage and at the height of innovation makes us unique. By relying upon the knowledge and traditions passed down from our ancestors, combined with scientific know-how, we continue to develop the best loc maintenance products int he world. What makes our products unique is our experience, our pride and passion and our dedication to making healthy loc products. We use our Lockology products everyday, they are free from build up and residue and we make them using premium natural and organic ingredients from the US, the Caribbean and the world.

Our products are handmade in small batches with premium plant oils, herbs and extracts, to help retain quality and freshness and reduce our energy consumption.  We NEVER test on animals and practice Eco-consciousness through our micro production process, recycling and waste reduction. 

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